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Red endive


Product Description

Origin :
France, Hauts-de-France

Packaging :
Plastic box
Cardboard box
Wooden box

Culinary aspect :
Like its cousin the Carmine, the red endive is essentially cold and therefore raw, in salads for example, which immediately gives them a touch of color.

Taste aspect :
It has less bitterness than white endive, which allows those who wish to discover it, to accustom their palate to this flavor. Its delicate taste is somewhat reminiscent of hazelnut.
Low in calories and made up of almost 95% water, red endive is perfect for recipes during a diet. It also has diuretic and laxative qualities, thanks to its high fiber content. It also has a reducing effect on cholesterol circulating in the blood, if it helps to better fight against cardiovascular diseases.

Quality :
The brand “Perle du Nord” ensures optimal quality and already stands out as one of the first endive brands in the world.

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