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Tomato bunch


Product Description

Origin :
France, Brittany
Also available: Cocktail, Olvine, Cherry
Different shapes and colors possible

Classic, Olivine, Cocktail, Cherry

Packaging :
Olivine: carton 60*40, 6kg bulk, bunch or lity
Wood parcel 5/10 kgs
Cocktail: cardboard 60*40, bunch 3/4 kg
Classic: Tray, Flowpack, Net, Case
Cherry: cardboard 40 * 30, bunch 3kg

Culinary aspect :
Tomato is rich in water (93-95%). It contains fiber mainly in the skin and seeds. It is a source of vitamin C, provitamin A (carotene) and vitamin E (antioxidant). It also has virtues against certain cancers (especially the prostate) thanks to its high content of lycopene (antioxidant protecting cells).

Taste aspect :
Wash it and remove the peduncle. According to your desires, consume raw or cooked in your recipes.

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