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Product Description

Origin :
France, Brittany and Hauts-de-France

Washability :

Caliber :
+40 mm, 25-30 mm, 25-35 mm, 25-40 mm

Packaging :
Tray 1kg
Big Bag: 1000 kg
Wooden box 5, 12, 14kg
Cardboard package: 12 Kg
Plastic bag: 1/2/3/5/10 kg

Culinary aspect :
The carrot is very rich in pro-vitamin A (or carotene) which gives it its virtues for the skin and night vision. In terms of minerals and trace elements, its contributions are significant in potassium, and appreciable in Magnesium and iron.
Research shows a protective effect compared to certain cancers (especially of the lungs).

Taste aspect :
Scratch it (rather than peeling it). Wash it well under a drizzle of water rather than soaking it. According to your desires: raw or cooked. Cooking 8 min steaming, 20 to 30 minutes smothering and about 30 minutes in boiling water.

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